The Busy Life

by - 12/13/2016

Wow.....where has the time gone since my last post! I don't even know where to begin? We welcomed our little bundle of joy, Ariya, in early July and have been busy ever since! The Little One has been the biggest blessing and we fall in love with her more and more each day. 

Just a few days old!

I'm 2 months old here!

Celebrating my 5th month birthday!

She recently celebrated her fifth month birthday and is the happiest baby girl you could imagine! Our puppy Nova is doing well and has adjusted nicely to her new baby sister. She loves to give baby sweet kisses and CANNOT wait to play with her!

We travelled with baby in mid-October to Greece and India, and in late November moved into a new more family friendly neighbourhood. We are looking forward to relaxing for a few weeks in Canada during Christmas!



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