Al Qudra Lakes - Dubai

by - 4/27/2016

A few weeks ago we decided to head to Al Qudra Lakes for the morning. A little Oasis in the Saih Al Salam Desert. The lake is located by the Dubai Cycling Track (which looks pretty cool too!) and is a popular destination for camping, picnics, BBQs, and suntanning on the weekends. We reached by 8am so it was still pretty quiet and the sun hadn't broken through the clouds making for a pleasant experience.

The man-made lakes are home to over 130 different birds species. We enjoyed seeing Flamingos for the first time in the wild!

Hubby and Nova (our new puppy!) LOVED running through the dessert and taking a dip in the water. It was a great morning to get out into nature in Dubai!

Baby steps into the lake!


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  1. This is so neat! I can't imagine what Dubai is like!