The Magic of Jasper | Day 1 & 2

by - 10/20/2015

Jasper is a serine National Park located within the Canadian Rockies. It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the second largest dark sky preserve in the world. The mountain getaway is surrounded by towering peaks and rugged mountains, glaciers, untouched wilderness, turquoise lakes, alpine meadows, and wild rivers. Most likely you'll see elk, bighorn sheep, deer, coyote and black bears.

Day 1

Jasper had been on my MUST SEE list since moving to Calgary so we packed up the car with our camping equipment (and Mammoth, see below!) and headed 5 hours North for four days of fun in the Canadian Rockies. As soon as entering the park gates we saw a black bear on the side of the road (don't worry we were snapping pics from the car!). Lucky us!

(Here's Mammoth! He lives in our car and has been across North America with us)

Connecting Banff National Park and Jasper is the scenic Icefield Parkway, a 230km stretch of road. The Parkway is dotted with ancient glaciers, waterfalls, and emerald lakes. The most convenient Glacier to visit is the Athabasca Glacier as it's on the side of the road (it's also the most visited glacier in North America!). You can even walk on the glacier or take a tour on a monster truck! As we had already explored the Icefields on a previous trip we just stopped for a quick stretch at the Columbia Icefield Interpretive Centre and went on our way. We arrived at our campground Whistlers just outside the town of Jasper in the evening and were greeted by some cute moose!

Day 2

On our second day in the park we headed to the picturesque Athabasca Falls. Though not known for it's height (just 23 meters) or width, it does have an impress force of water falling into the gorge (the most powerful in the Canadian Rockies!). In the background of the falls is Mount Kerkeslin. You can even walk down by the river to throw some stones in.

We rented a kayak at Pyramid Lake (which lies at the foot of Pyramid Mountain) and spent 2 hours out on the lake. The lake is absolutely stunning and majestic. A must for anyone who loves peace on a lake surrounded by mountains! As a girl who grew up by the sea, I love anything related to water! 

Of course the evening was finished off by relaxing in front of a fire!

Day 3 & 4 coming soon!

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  1. Gorgeous photos, I hope to visit someday!

  2. Beautiful, we've been to Jasper in April 2011, it was still cold so most of the places were still close. I'd love to go back again in summer!

  3. The beauty is unreal, girlie. Hope to visit it one day <3
    xox Nadia

  4. Jasper is gorgeous but I have only been there once. Your photos are stunning and I think going in a kayak is the most perfect way to really experience the true beauty!