Rafting in British Columbia

by - 9/11/2015

My husband and I love anything adventure and took the chance to go rafting on the Elk River with Mountain High Adventures in Fernie, British Columbia. The 4 hour drive from Calgary is a delightful drive through the mountain scenery. We met our friends and set up camp for the evening at one of the local campgrounds. In the morning we headed to the meeting point and boarded a bus that would take us to the river.

Perhaps the most terrifying part of my day had nothing to do with rafting but with the hike down into the canyon. I have a deathly phobia of stairs and this did not help the matter! Halfway through the trip we stopped for lunch and were able to go swimming and cliff jumping! There's even a professional photographer following you along the river so you get great shots of your trip! Don't you just hate when you're doing something bomb and there's no pics? I'll leave our experiences rafting in India for another day!

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