24 hours in Paris!

by - 9/03/2015

I may have been one of the few people on Earth not to have a desire to go to Paris, well, that changed after my Husband and I had roughly 24hrs to visit the city. We decided to take a more leisurely pace and had lots of fun!
After arriving from London on the train our first stop was Notre Dame Cathedral. A historical Catholic Cathedral and perhaps one of the most famous churches in the world.

After Notre Dame we headed to Arche de Triomphe. We had initially planned on ascending to the top however there was a problem that day and the stairs were closed :( Hubby accidentally dropped our HOHO tickets and we were almost back at the bus stop before we realized the tickets were missing. Luckily for Hubby the tickets were still laying where we dropped them!

At this point we headed to our apartment that we had rented from airbnb. It was absolutely gorgeous! The queen sized bed pulled down from the ceiling and there was a cute little kitchenette! We were literally a 5 minute walk from the Eiffel Tower!

We went for a casually stroll and ended up at the The Ponts de l'Archeveche Bridge otherwise known as the Love Locks Bridge. What a romantic place! We engraved our names on a padlock and then locked it on the bridge with the thousands of others. Unfortunately this year Paris officials began removing the locks and it's now illegal to do so

We were at the Louvre during sunset and what a sight to see! The colours behind the pyramid was absolutely perfect and romantic!

After dark we headed back to the Eiffel Tower for an evening cruise. We used the company Bateaux Parisiens which took us on a one hour cruise along the magical Seine.  

As we were so close to the Eiffel Tower the next morning before our flight to Amsterdam we headed back for one more quick look. Though we were only in Paris for 24 hours and dream of coming back as the saying goes "Better to see something once, than hear about it a thousands times".

"Paris, I believe, is a man in his twenties in love with an older woman."
- John Berger

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