Mugg & Bean | Abu Dhabi

by - 10/16/2015

I found the Mugg & Bean while zomatoing (oh, I made up a verb!) breakfast locales in Abu Dhabi. Breakfast is my FAVOURITE meal of the day and it had pretty good reviews. Apparently there are a few locations around the city, we choose to go to the Abu Dhabi Mall location as it's not far from our home.

The Mugg & Bean has a relaxed cozy atmosphere and we were greeted by a friendly server with a big smile. I ordered the Maple Cinnamon Latte and Hubby ordered the endless Americano. I rarely go far from my typically order of Eggs Benny (hey, some days I may go wild and order it with smoked salmon!) and Hubby decided on Eggs and Pancakes. I was slightly disappointed with the Eggs Benny as one of the main components, Hollandaise sauce was hardly noticeable and the English Muffins were not what I am use to. 

Overall we enjoyed the ambiance and service. The Maple Cinnamon Latte was divine and better than expected. I think we'll go back if we want to grab a coffee and a pastry, and chill for a few hours.

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  1. This food looks amazing! I love trying new places. I've only just started doing my own food reviews but I'm definitely aiming to make mine as good as yours! Thanks for the inspiration x

    Sophie Elizabeth

  2. I love Mugg&Bean <3
    Great review, I should go soon for some treats.