Teej Festival

by - 8/19/2015

Teej is a festival celebrated mostly in North India and dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Parvati and the love for her husband Lord Shiva. It is said she fasted for 108 years before Lord Shiva took her as his wife. Woman pray to Pravati for a happy and long married life. The Teej Festival also coincides with the Monsoon Season.

Married woman enjoy the festival by adorning their best sarees and suits, lavish jewellery and have their hands and feet decorated with henna. There is also dancing, singing, playing on swings, and a sweet dessert called Ghewar.

The evening before we went to a local Mela and watched a Rajasthani performance, sat on the swings and had henna done. On the actually day we had a much more casual celebration. We were visited by Mausiji (MIL Sister) and went to the Iskcon Temple. We feasted on Chole, Puri, Dahi Vadi, Lodkki, and Shimla Mirch Paneer. For dessert we enjoyed Kheer (rice pudding) and Ghewar.


Yes, she's dancing on a sword!


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