10 Things Not to Bring to India

by - 7/23/2015

On my first trip to India over 2 years ago I spent countless hours researching on what to bring to India. Soon after arriving I discovered everything I had passionately packed could be found in any local market or mall. Here are my tips on things you DON'T need to bring! 

****Of course, this list really only applies if you have an extended stay in India and have time to shop nor does it include what you will need while travelling IN India.

1. Medicine
Unless you're taking prescription medication I would skip bringing medicine. It's extremely cheap here and many brands are just as good if not better than Western brands. Your Delhi belly will be thanking you when Hari Pundina hits the system!
2. Toilet Paper/Wipes
The first time I came to India I packed 3 packages of baby wipes for when we were out of the house. They weighed my luggage down and I could easily find wipes at any shop.

3. Extra batteries
I see this on many list. Batteries can basically be found anywhere in India for any device.

4. Too many clothes
You can find anything from traditional suits to Forever 21 to knock off designer brands (or the real deal)!

5. Toiletries/Makeup (for us girly travellers)
Shampoo, soap, tooth paste, makeup, deodorant, etc can take up a lot space in your luggage. Brands such as Dove, L'Oreal, Tresemme, Fructis Garnier, Colgate, Old Spice can be found in any pharmacy or grocery store. Higher end items can be found at Sephora and department stores.

6. Bug Spray/Sunscreen
Again can easily be found and will only weigh down your luggage.

7. Foreign Food
Moving to India? Most foreign foods can be found in major cities. My favourite thing to do is place a big order on amazon.in, which offers a cash on delivery method.

Hmmm, I guess I was craving Mexican food!

8. Guide Books
Coffee cafes such as Cafe Coffee Day, Costa Cafe, or Starbucks have free or paid wifi, you can also easily connect your laptop to the internet with a USB Broadband Stick while travelling to rural areas.

9. Gifts
I have never brought gifts to hand out but I know many foreigners do. If you want to do something good offer to buy a piece of fruit or a small bag of milk. I will later touch on the subject of dealing with beggars and street children.

10. Your lack of humour!
Don't find cockroaches, long intense stares, strange smells, and being ripped off funny? God bless you!

Yes, I'm crazy, I take pictures of people staring at me! I have a whole album on this subject :)

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  1. Totally agree with your list, especially #10! I love it that you take pictures of those staring at you :) I usually just stare back until they look away. Sometimes I win. Sometimes they win.

    1. Lol. I stare back too but I swear I can never win against the old Aunties!

  2. Courtney, I totally agree with your list, being a Pinay married to my Indian hubby, I have been to India a lot of times.

    No 10, I don't take pictures of people staring at me, I just stare back at them and ask can I help you with anything? :-)