Adoption Day!

by - 2/17/2016

Since Hubby and I moved to Dubai last year we've been thinking about adding a fury member to our family. We finally made it to the Ras Al Kamimeh Animal Welfare Centre which had numerous puppies and dogs up for adoption. It was a tough choice but we decided on this cute 3 month-old girl, we named Nova. She is mixed breed - part German Shepherd, part desert dog. The adoption process was fairly simple with Vaccinations and De-sexed included in the fees. We also had to register her with Dubai Municipality.

The first day home she didn't leave my side and wanted to do nothing but cuddle! Two weeks later I swear she has already grown, is doing great with her potty training, and loves going for walks! And she's turned out to be one very very naughty pup!

Please visit the Ras Al Khaimah Animal Welfare Centre here!

First day home!

Not ready to leave Moms side!

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