25 Reasons Why I love India

by - 10/01/2015

1. Chai
My love for chai is a fairly new phenomenon ie. after being married to an Indian. I love masala chai, and ginger chai, and my absolute favourite is cardamom chai! Who knew everyday required morning chai and evening chai?
Chai in Coorg

2. Khichdi
Khichdi may sound strange to most of you and admittedly me when I first heard of it. The delicious comfort food is made of a mixture of yellow daal, rice, and turmeric. According to my MIL, khichdi must be accompany by pickle, ghee, yogurt, and papadum.

3. History around every corner!
Taj Mahal

4. Saree's
Is there anything more glamorous then a Saree? I wish I could wear a Saree everyday and not be awkwardly uncomfortable. Haha.

5. The old versus the new
I love sitting in a coffee shop window and watching all the people go by. It's an interesting blend of the old world and the new India. Along side sarees and salwar kameez you'll see mini skirts and crop tops. There a world class malls and airports beside temples and slums.

6. The people

7. Toe rings
Silver toe rings are a beautiful simple symbol of marriage in India.

8. Religion
Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, and Jainism all originated in India.
On the banks of the Ganges

9. Dancing
Indians love to dance. God, I have many videos of me attempting to keep up with their moves that will never see the light of day!

10. Spices
Okay, I really really love spicy food! Which is too bad for Hubby, who hates it! I don't think there could ever be enough red chili or masala!
Chandni Chowk

11. Festivals
Ah, India the land of Festivals and Holidays. With so many different religions and beliefs there is literally a festival happening every other day.
Diwali 2013

12. The cheap fruit and vegetables
There's no better place in the world then India to be a vegetarian. The prices for fruit and vegetables are shockingly low compared to North America of course unless your getting something "foreign" like avocado's (which is actually grown in South India) or kiwi.

13. Bollywood Movies
I have a love hate relationship with Bollywood movies. I have my favourites such as Queen, Kahaani (the first Bollywood movie I watched!), and the silly Joker. Other times I want to pull my hair out after watching 3 hours of mindless dancing.

14. The Adventure
Seriously there is everything here! White Water Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Sky Diving, Scuba Diving, if you can name it, it's in India!
Rafting in Rishikesh

15. Incense
I love incense otherwise known as agarbatti in India. The smells of jasmine, sandalwood, and rose are intoxicating and a lovely smell to have in the house. My favourite scent is panchavati and I always stock up while in India!

16. Mangoes
Did you know there are over 400 different varieties of mangoes? Neither did I! And you guessed it I LOVE mangoes! With some many types and cheaper prices than in Canada, I'm in mango heaven.

17. Markets
I have never quite experience something like shopping in India. It can be a lot of fun but also draining with all the bargaining you have to do!

18. The sound of silver anklets
Does anybody actually know the purpose of the silver bells on anklets? Whatever the reason it's a charming sound.

19. Namkeen
You know what goes best with afternoon chai, Haldiram Bhujia! Bhujia is a super popular crispy snack made from besan flour and spices.

20. Auto Rickshaws
I love using autos. Not only is it a cheap form of transportation, it's also something totally different than we have in Canada.

21. The dogs
One of the first things you'll notice in India are all the stray dogs. I have befriended a few in our neighbourhood who like parle-g biscuits and leftover rotis.

22. Indian Sweets
It's actually taken me a while to fall in love with India sweets. I do love a good gulab jamun or laddu or my new love for Ghevar.

23. The randomness of the day
Life in Canada is pretty predictable, in India not so much. It's totally normally to see cows wondering on the roads (which I guess is predictable for Indians!) or all the randomness just buying groceries .

24. The beat of the dhol

25. Nature
India is a beautiful country with lush forest and pristine rivers when you get out of the cities and into the lovely country side!



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  1. Lovely post, and you look so amazing in a saree :)
    The doggies are cute! :)
    xox Nadia