Our Wedding

by - 9/01/2015

After getting engaged at the Taj Mahal in June of 2013 we immediately began planning our wedding. We decided to have an engagement party in Nova Scotia, a Hindu Ceremony in Calgary, and a big reception in Delhi! Be prepared for a graphic overload!

For the engagement party we kept it simple and had a party in my parents backyard in Nova Scotia. As it was Fall we went with a fall theme with crisp flowers and plants and plenty of sparkly lights and candles. We were too busy having fun and forgot to take any pictures of the decor!

My Brother, SIL, Sister, Me, Hubby



Hubby and I

My SIL, Me, and my Sister

All of us!

All of us again!

Hubby made me a heart!

In June of 2014 we had our Wedding Ceremony in Calgary. Again we kept it simple with a DIY wedding and hosted about 40 guests in our backyard that overlooks the city. We did have a decorator set up a gorgeous simple white Mandap and had a caterer serve cocktails and appetizers. We rented a vintage car, rumoured to once be owned by Rod Stewart.

In November of 2014 we had a grand reception in Delhi with 300 guests! The Connaught Hotel hosted the reception and we had a decorator for the event. We decided on a purple/white/gold theme along with a buffet of traditional North Indian food.

Hubby with his buddies

MIL Friends

Egyptian Dancer

God, I need to tan before family pictures! lol

Me: It's going to fall on our heads.
Hubby: No, it''s not. Be cool.
Falls on head! Hair ruined lol

Cutting the cake

Awkward Bollywood Dancing! You sooo don't even want to see the video :)

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  1. GORGEOUS photos!! SO beautiful and lush! Awwww have a happiness-filled marriage life <3
    xox Nadia